Natural Gas Extraction from Shale

2016 Shale & Public Health Conference – November 16, 2016


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Shale Waste Disposal Workshop: Community Concerns on Injection Wells

Thursday, September 29 • 5:30pm ‐ 7:45pm
Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA

What happens to the millions of gallons of liquid waste generated by hydraulic fracturing? What are the environmental, public health, & social concerns associated with injection wells that are used for disposal? Come hear the experts and join the conversation! RSVP NOW


THRIVE: Sustainable Energy, Jobs & Economic Development Symposium

Held on May 19, 2016 at the Energy Innovation Center in Pittsburgh.

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About “The Straight Scoop on Shale Drilling”

Observe A Problem~Study All Sides~Member Consensus~Action

We invite you to join with us to learn more about the Extraction of Natural Gas from Marcellus Shale, its impact on our water and communities and how government is involved through permitting, taxation and regulation.

The Indiana County League observed the problem and brought it to the attention of Leagues across PA at our state convention in June 2009. 27 League chapters organized study groups, sponsored public forums with experts representing various viewpoints, visited drilling sites, participated in webinars and other presentations at various colleges and universities and reached consensus on this important issue.

Our League Study required members to look at all sides of the Marcellus Shale issue and think about the needs of Pennsylvanians, our visitors and  communities in the months and years ahead as we reached consensus and adopted our position.

The facts and issues will continue to change, and we will continue to update this website as we learn more. Herein you will find educational materials and information about Natural Gas Extraction from Marcellus Shale to help us all learn more about this critical issue affecting all Pennsylvanians.

The League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania’s Citizen Education Fund started an educational project in 2011 called, “The Straight Scoop on Shale Drilling”, with support from a grant from the Colcom Foundation. We have continued exploring the various issues related to the development of shale gas, which you will see reflected in the different topic areas on this website. We hold educational events and forums across Pennsylvania on shale-related topics.